3 Simple Hacks: Transform Packaging Paper into Your Handbag's Beauty Secret

3 Simple Hacks: Transform Packaging Paper into Your Handbag's Beauty Secret

Hey, fellow handbag aficionados! Let's talk about the hidden gems that comes with your Lux Calling delivery—yes, that packaging paper and white duffel bag! It's not just for show; they're secretly the superhero cape for your beloved handbag. Here's how to give them the spotlight it deserves and keep your bag looking fly.

Step 1: Embrace the Packaging Paper's Power

So, imagine unboxing your stunning handbag, right? Before you even think about tossing that packaging paper aside, pause! It's not done yet. Treat it like your bag's best friend. Keep it handy; it's about to perform a crucial role.

When your handbag takes a breather, show it some love! It's time for your packaging paper to shine! Grab that packaging paper and gently tuck it inside your bag. This superhero move ensures your bag retains its shape, no creases in sight! Say goodbye to those pesky creases dampening your bag's vibe.

Step 2: Store in the White Duffel Bag

Now, let's talk about that white duffel bag—it's more than a carrier for your Lux Calling purchases. It's a crucial accessory for preserving your handbag's splendor. When your bag isn't strutting its stuff, give it a cozy spot inside the duffel bag. The soft, breathable material acts as a shield against dust and light, safeguarding your handbag's colour and quality.

Step 3: Regular Cleaning Routine

Last but not least, cleanliness is your handbag's best friend. Stick to these simple steps for regular cleaning:

  • Use a soft, dry cloth to gently whisk away any dust or dirt that tries to cling onto your bag.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals or excessive water; they're not invited to this cleaning party.

Your Lux Calling handbag deserves all the love and care. So, let that packaging paper, along with the trusty duffel bag shine and work its magic to keep your bag looking flawless. Who knew these 3 simple steps could be the ultimate hacks for handbag perfection? Time to show that paper and duffel bag some serious appreciation!

Published on December 15 2023.

By Grace S.


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